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What is a hero??

The word hero is over used these days because there is a difference between hero and role model. Many people say some one is my hero but that person is not really a hero. A hero is some one who helps people every day who put his/her needs aside to help others in need.

Many people are considered heroes because they help people every day. But not all heroes help people some raise money to give to organization that help home less people. Or they donate the money to help cure cancer. Like Terry fox did. Terry fox wanted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He did this because he had cancer in his right leg. Every September people take part in the run to raise money for cancer this is Canada’s biggest fund raiser for cancer.


Weapon violence!

My issue is weapon violence. Weapons have been around for a long time but know these day you here about people getting shot in the war in Iraq to people getting shot at on the streets. Why do countries spend so much money on weapons and war? Shure countries need to defend them self’s but right now in Iraq and Afghanistan there is a war going on the Right now. These wars started in 1992 and in 2001. both Canada and the US have lost allot of men. In the US alone they spend 48% of there money on the the Iraq and Afghanistan war, Canada currently spends 28% of there money for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. People should realize how much there countries spend on war and weapons. Did you know that the US spends enough money to feed 6 million people but instead they use that money for war. The governments should stop spending so much on war and spend money on helping people in need. This is my wish because so many people are are dying every year. These thing we could fix like starvation and disease. Here is a link 

Chapters 9-12 The Outsiders

In this blog post I want to write about the rumble in chapter 9. It all starts when the greasers show up at the vacant lot with the Shepard’s Gang. Then the socs showed up and they all lined up both gangs. Then Darry and a guy named Paul Steped up to each other. Paul and Darry use to play football together. Paul threw the first punch at Darry. Then the rumble began Dally and Ponyboy beside eachother fighting. Then a soc jumped on ponyboy but Darry was right there to help him. Dally and Ponyboy were get getting out numbered and Ponyboy got kicked in the head and just about knocked him out. After a while of fight the socs ran off and the greasers have won. Some of them were hurt but not to badly. So Dally and Ponyboy left to get see Johnny but the cops pulled them over but the mad up and exuse that Ponyboy fell off his motercycle and they were taking him to the hospital and it worked. The got to Johnny’s room the doctor wouldent let them in so Dally pulled a knife on him so he let them in. When they got in Johnny was about to die. after they were done talking Johnny died and Dally stormed out of the building.

The outsiders 5-8

In chapters 5-8 Poneyboy, johnny and Dally left the old church to go get somthing to eat at Dairyqueen. They ordered barbecue sandwitches and bannana splits and they talked about what they all missed in the small town that they ran way from. After they were done talking about how Johnny killed that soc. Johnny said we should go back and turn out self in. So on there way outta town they seen the church that they were staying in was on fire. The church was very old and would catch on fire eaisly so when they left to dairyqueen they proably droped one of there smokes in the church that proably started the fire. When they got up there. There was some kids up there they were on a school trip. but some of the kids were stuck in the burning church Poney boy and Johnny wnet in and rescued them but they were badly hurt. they went to the hospital and johnny had broken his back and he was paralized


The Outsider Chapters 1- 4

This book is about to rival gangs the Socs and the Greasers. The socs are rich kids that party drink and that kinda stuff. The greasers are people who just like to hang out alot. But the greaser always get jumped by the socs.

My favorit part of the chapters is when Poneyboy gets attacked by the socs. It all started when Ponyboy started walking home from the movies by himself. as he was walking home a red Corvair started following him. When the car stopped and four socs got out Pony boy got pretty scared. The greaser walked up to him and surrounded him the one of them said hey greaser were guna do u a favor and give you a hair cut. Then on of the socs pulled a knif out of his poket. They threw Poneyboy down and pined him down. They started punching him so he would stop moving. Ponyboy started screamin for Soda and Darry but then they shoved a hacerchef in his mouth.

But then Darry Soda and the rest of the gang came running at the socs the socs ran away. Some of the gang followed the socs to see if they would fight but they dident catch them.
But Poneyboy was okay he had a cut thou from the knife the socs droped it when Soda and Darry camed they droped it and ran.

My thoughts about this part in the book i think the socs had no reason to attack Poneyboy. I wounder why they attacked him?

What to learn more about this book cheack out this link


The past couple weeks of school have been going good. We have been doing lots of fun stuff in school so far this year we just finished playing a game called Children Of The Nile. It’s about ancient Egypt. There are three levels I forget what they are called but the first one is you start out with only little villages. The second one is you start out bigger you can make more buildings and they are more things to maintainer. The third level is when you get to build pyramids and monuments.
We have been also working on a project about whats the advantages of living in a permanents settlement. The tow that i am doing is Jericho it is in Israel and it is still here today that town has to be really old if it was around in B.C (If you don’t know what B.C means it means Be for Christ).
We also wrote a math test on Friday. We got it back to day and lets just say i didn’t get that great of mark.

First 8 Days

My first eight days of school went pretty good. I don’t really like starting a new year actually I don’t really like school. But this year is gonna be funner then most years because I am in Mr.Fishers grade again. We work on computers a lot we will be on our blogs a lot. We also do photo stories, wikis, igoogle. ect. This year I am look forward to cooking in home EC. I hope this year gym is funner the last year. This first week was realy fun because we had this guy come to our school and hes teaching us how to break dance it’s really fun. Here is my teacher web site. Go check it out.


Hi my name is tyler i am staring to blog in my teachers class this is my second year doing this i like playing sports. I also like being on my computer and hanging out with friends>