The book I am reading is called A Rumor of Dragons the book it starts off very slow but once you get to about pg 30 the book starts to get good. The book starts off in the Old inn this place is where Tanis, Tasslehoff , Flint and kitiara who did not come to meet up with the three because her new lord is keeping her busy. after that the three men meet up with this mage who has gold skin tanis asked him what happed to him. He said that he was mad this way when he killed a dragon and he is also very strong. later one when they are done talking to the mage they were siting in the in when suddenly a thearocat try to take the blue crystal staff away from a plains girl but the girl pushed the drunken therocat and he triped and fell face first into the fire. When he was roling on the floor the girl put on the flames and healed him. after that he got up he was yelling call the guards so the three men and tika the girl who has the staff had to leave out the back door through the kitchenv they went down a rope where tasshoff skined his hand on the rope. So when they got down they ran to Tika’s house where they hid.