Right know in L.A class we are doing a thing on what are life will be like in 2025. We did a survey on what kind of person you are, We also made a poster of what kinds of things we want in our life, Where will you live, What places do you want to go, ECT. And last we visited a web site called careercruising.com. On this website you can answer about 116 question about your self and when you finish it will give you the job that is best suitable for you.  After my class did that our teacher gave us a chart to fill in of our top 10 jobs like what was the pay per year, what was the job about , Etc

I learned that I don’t want to have an office job. because i am not that great with numbers and math. and i could not sit all day doing math or other stuff that you do at a desk job.  I want a job that i can be out side. I looked at lots of jobs i am interested in. But I am not sure what I want to do yet. Some of the jobs that i considered were 1.office machine repairer 2. crane operator 3. roofer 4. auto-body repairer 5. line-worker 6. tow-truck driver.  7. Conservation Officer

My favorite job out of the 7 would probably be a Conservation Officer. If you don’t know what a Conservation Officer is it is some body who sells hunting licenses, finds out what the fish population is in a lake, checks what diseases the wild life has, Give fines to people who don’t put to big of fish back in the lake that they catch or hunt illegally.