My issue is weapon violence. Weapons have been around for a long time but know these day you here about people getting shot in the war in Iraq to people getting shot at on the streets. Why do countries spend so much money on weapons and war? Shure countries need to defend them self’s but right now in Iraq and Afghanistan there is a war going on the Right now. These wars started in 1992 and in 2001. both Canada and the US have lost allot of men. In the US alone they spend 48% of there money on the the Iraq and Afghanistan war, Canada currently spends 28% of there money for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. People should realize how much there countries spend on war and weapons. Did you know that the US spends enough money to feed 6 million people but instead they use that money for war. The governments should stop spending so much on war and spend money on helping people in need. This is my wish because so many people are are dying every year. These thing we could fix like starvation and disease. Here is a link