In this blog post I want to write about the rumble in chapter 9. It all starts when the greasers show up at the vacant lot with the Shepard’s Gang. Then the socs showed up and they all lined up both gangs. Then Darry and a guy named Paul Steped up to each other. Paul and Darry use to play football together. Paul threw the first punch at Darry. Then the rumble began Dally and Ponyboy beside eachother fighting. Then a soc jumped on ponyboy but Darry was right there to help him. Dally and Ponyboy were get getting out numbered and Ponyboy got kicked in the head and just about knocked him out. After a while of fight the socs ran off and the greasers have won. Some of them were hurt but not to badly. So Dally and Ponyboy left to get see Johnny but the cops pulled them over but the mad up and exuse that Ponyboy fell off his motercycle and they were taking him to the hospital and it worked. The got to Johnny’s room the doctor wouldent let them in so Dally pulled a knife on him so he let them in. When they got in Johnny was about to die. after they were done talking Johnny died and Dally stormed out of the building.