In chapters 5-8 Poneyboy, johnny and Dally left the old church to go get somthing to eat at Dairyqueen. They ordered barbecue sandwitches and bannana splits and they talked about what they all missed in the small town that they ran way from. After they were done talking about how Johnny killed that soc. Johnny said we should go back and turn out self in. So on there way outta town they seen the church that they were staying in was on fire. The church was very old and would catch on fire eaisly so when they left to dairyqueen they proably droped one of there smokes in the church that proably started the fire. When they got up there. There was some kids up there they were on a school trip. but some of the kids were stuck in the burning church Poney boy and Johnny wnet in and rescued them but they were badly hurt. they went to the hospital and johnny had broken his back and he was paralized