This book is about to rival gangs the Socs and the Greasers. The socs are rich kids that party drink and that kinda stuff. The greasers are people who just like to hang out alot. But the greaser always get jumped by the socs.

My favorit part of the chapters is when Poneyboy gets attacked by the socs. It all started when Ponyboy started walking home from the movies by himself. as he was walking home a red Corvair started following him. When the car stopped and four socs got out Pony boy got pretty scared. The greaser walked up to him and surrounded him the one of them said hey greaser were guna do u a favor and give you a hair cut. Then on of the socs pulled a knif out of his poket. They threw Poneyboy down and pined him down. They started punching him so he would stop moving. Ponyboy started screamin for Soda and Darry but then they shoved a hacerchef in his mouth.

But then Darry Soda and the rest of the gang came running at the socs the socs ran away. Some of the gang followed the socs to see if they would fight but they dident catch them.
But Poneyboy was okay he had a cut thou from the knife the socs droped it when Soda and Darry camed they droped it and ran.

My thoughts about this part in the book i think the socs had no reason to attack Poneyboy. I wounder why they attacked him?

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