The past couple weeks of school have been going good. We have been doing lots of fun stuff in school so far this year we just finished playing a game called Children Of The Nile. It’s about ancient Egypt. There are three levels I forget what they are called but the first one is you start out with only little villages. The second one is you start out bigger you can make more buildings and they are more things to maintainer. The third level is when you get to build pyramids and monuments.
We have been also working on a project about whats the advantages of living in a permanents settlement. The tow that i am doing is Jericho it is in Israel and it is still here today that town has to be really old if it was around in B.C (If you don’t know what B.C means it means Be for Christ).
We also wrote a math test on Friday. We got it back to day and lets just say i didn’t get that great of mark.