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week four themes

There are many different themes out there like teamwork,leadership,friend ship, lying , Good against bad, fear, ETC.

The three main themes in my book are leadership, teamwork and good against bad

Leadership comes up allot in my book where one person knows what best and makes then finally decisions. Every body in the group trust this one person and relies on them to make a good decision of what ever they are doing. A leader also has to accept other people opinions to or else he /she will not make a good leader.

Teamwork is very important if you are working in a group with people because if you don’t learn to work with that person thing wont go so great.

Good against bad comes up a bit in my book when they will half to fight to keep safe

want to find out more about themes


novel study week 3

This week we are supposed to write about what makes writing good and what makes writing bad. Bad writing to me is when some uses the same word over and over again. I like it when an author in a book uses different words that when your reading you think what does that word means so you go and look it up.

As I was reading this week I found some good and some bad writing.

Good writing ( He stumbled unable to see as a crushing weight bore him to the ground)

Bad writing ( Then suddenly a trail opened up in front of them)

So what do you think is good writing and what is bad writing?

Ten differences between good and bad writing

Medieval Castles

There are many different kinds of castles like Mote and Bailey castle. This castle was made out of wood. the design of the castle was the manor house was on the top of a hill that was made very steep so attackers could not climb it. This castle also had a motte around it. Mottes were usually filled with water or sharp sticks at the bottom of it. This is one of the earliest castles.

Stone keep castle. This castle replaced the mote and baily castle because this castle had better protection It was surrounded by a wall that didn’t have very many windows. at first the walls were rectangles but after a while the corners on a rectangles were easy to break through so they made the walls circular. this castle also often had a mote filled with sharp sticks or water.


Concentric castle was the best castle for defending because there was two sets of walls a smaller wall on the out side and a bigger wall on the inside then the actual castle. Between the two walls was usually a mote with sharp sticks or water. The reason the bigger wall was behind the small wall so archers could fire over them. The archers on walls were also very well protected there was little windows so archers could shoot out at the enemy and the enemy cant shoot back.
Rooms in a castle
There are many rooms in a castle the most common one is the Great hall. The great hall was where all the nobles the lord and loyalty had there meetings, dinners, etc. In every castle there was a dungeon the dungeon was used for when the kings knights captured some one they would lock them up in the dungeon.
All castles need to have a garden,well and a kitchen. They need a well in case they come under siege so they get fresh water and wont die of thirst, They need a garden so they can grow food so they can eat. Then the kitchen to cook the food.
The draw bridge on a castle draw bridge was used on a castle gate to cross over the moat and it can be raised when attacked and lowered to get out.
This is a big steel gate that could be quickly lower when castle becomes under attack. that blocked the enemy out of the castle.
this was used for archers to fire arrows out from the castle. these were located on the top of a wall where archers could fire arrows out safely and not be shot back at.
Curtain wall
this was another wall that surrounded the mote and the castle

this was used a ditch surrounding a castle that was usually filled with water, sharp sticks or even sewage
Ways to attack the castle
There are about six common ways to attack a castle. The most common way before there was stone castle was fire. They would shoot fire arrows over the walls and burn the building inside.
Battering rams were used for breaking enemies walls or knocking the gate down.
Belfry and ladders. Ladder were used to climb up the enemies walls. But climbing a ladder was very risky because the ladder was usually pushed over or boiling water was dumped on you.
A Belfry was a tower that the enemies pushed up against the wall and once it was there they would open the door so men could get on the wall.
Catapults were used to destroy a castle wall or throw fire balls or rocks over the walls.
Mining. They used mining to go under the wall and collapse it so they could get in the castle.
Siege. Attackers put castles under siege so know one could enter or leave the castle. The best defense for this was to send all the people who could not fight out so there was more food for the knights.
Defending a castle.

When attackers came up to a castle wall the best defense they had was shooting arrows at them enemy. When the enemy had catapults and belfry There best defense was shooting fire arrows and try to catch them on fire. Enemies would try to climb over the walls of a castle with ladder but the ladder were usually pushed over or they would dumb boiling water on the enemy.

In my book right know there are 8 characters. The  author of my book  wrote it so you don’t know allot about the characters when you first meet them when you read further one you will learn about them. I think the author does this so it keeps you guessing on what the characters are like.

If the author doesn’t make the events in the book you are reading interesting you will find the book very boring so the authors half to make events in the book a sunrise or they build up to the event to keep you guessing.

Tanis- Half elf

Flint- Dwarf

Sturm- Human knight

Tasslehoff- Barbarian warrior


Goldmoon -mage


novel study week 1

The book I am reading is called A Rumor of Dragons the book it starts off very slow but once you get to about pg 30 the book starts to get good. The book starts off in the Old inn this place is where Tanis, Tasslehoff , Flint and kitiara who did not come to meet up with the three because her new lord is keeping her busy. after that the three men meet up with this mage who has gold skin tanis asked him what happed to him. He said that he was mad this way when he killed a dragon and he is also very strong. later one when they are done talking to the mage they were siting in the in when suddenly a thearocat try to take the blue crystal staff away from a plains girl but the girl pushed the drunken therocat and he triped and fell face first into the fire. When he was roling on the floor the girl put on the flames and healed him. after that he got up he was yelling call the guards so the three men and tika the girl who has the staff had to leave out the back door through the kitchenv they went down a rope where tasshoff skined his hand on the rope. So when they got down they ran to Tika’s house where they hid.


Right know in L.A class we are doing a thing on what are life will be like in 2025. We did a survey on what kind of person you are, We also made a poster of what kinds of things we want in our life, Where will you live, What places do you want to go, ECT. And last we visited a web site called On this website you can answer about 116 question about your self and when you finish it will give you the job that is best suitable for you.  After my class did that our teacher gave us a chart to fill in of our top 10 jobs like what was the pay per year, what was the job about , Etc

I learned that I don’t want to have an office job. because i am not that great with numbers and math. and i could not sit all day doing math or other stuff that you do at a desk job.  I want a job that i can be out side. I looked at lots of jobs i am interested in. But I am not sure what I want to do yet. Some of the jobs that i considered were machine repairer 2. crane operator 3. roofer 4. auto-body repairer 5. line-worker 6. tow-truck driver.  7. Conservation Officer

My favorite job out of the 7 would probably be a Conservation Officer. If you don’t know what a Conservation Officer is it is some body who sells hunting licenses, finds out what the fish population is in a lake, checks what diseases the wild life has, Give fines to people who don’t put to big of fish back in the lake that they catch or hunt illegally.

I don’t know if every body heard about this in september about Toyota vehicles having problems with the gas pedal. (What i mean by problems is that it had a sticky gas pedal the has caused a couple of accidents.) So the government is sewing Toyota for 16 million dollars. But Toyota has accepted to take the fine and pay the 16.38$ million dollar fine. Accepting the fine means the company can avoid going to court and fighting the government.

The officials found out about the sticking gas pedals in September but did not call recalls on the Toyota vehicles untill January.  This fine wont even hurt the company in money considering that they spent over 2 billion fixing the problem in customers cars.

1.Younger kids such as two year olds watch the most tv out of all.

2. Newfoundland watches the most tv out of all.

3. BC watches the least tv out of all

4. Females watch more tv then males.

5. Teen’s 12 to 17 watch the most tv in BC

I noticed that little kids watch the most tv out of all the provinces this means when they are older they will watch more tv to.

I noticed that females watch more tv then males.

PlayStation 3 portable

A play station 3 is a pain to carry around from place to place. But know you can take it along  to where ever you are going. thanks to this new  invention playstaion 3 portable. This invention is really cool because it a ps3 with a 11.6 inch screen on top of it all u need is a wall plug in and it with work.  check out this link if u want to learn more

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The pacific garbage patch is located in the middle of he pacific ocean. No one really knows how big the garbage patch is but they figure it’s about the size of  Texas. The garbage patch is not just paces of garbage it is mostly plastic. This plastic has been broken down into little tiny paces about the size . There is about 3.5 million tons of garbage floating around the middle of the pacific ocean.

This garbage patch was discovered about 6 years ago when it was small now it’s doubled in size. The reason all the garbage piled up there is because of the way the ocean currents are.  Here is a video on the pacific garbage dump!!!

This picture shows where the Garbage patch is located.